The Startpagina script offers many possibilities. In addition to all standard features, which are discussed below, we also have the possibility to adjust the script completely to your desire.

And more...

Besides the ability to add links there are much more possibilities. For example visitors can write messages in the shout box or vote on a poll. Also the news updates automatically through an RSS feed. All these functions are loaded via AJAX scripts, so the page does not need to reload.
Translate the script in your own language. All text is placed in one location. So translation is very easy. English and Dutch included.
Whitelabel: you are allowed to remove all copyright lines.
All PHP code is separated from the HTML code. So the script is easy to understand for any programmer
All source code is included. So no encrypted files. Customize the whole script.
Earn money with your website via the API of Mollie or Targetpay. You just have to choose the price
Many ad spots to generate extra income. Among others we support Google Adsense

Leading and modern

The Startpagina script is the most comprehensive script to create a link directory site on the market. The script uses the most modern techniques in the field of forms processing. Reloading is done using AJAX.

System requirements

  • PHP 5.1 (or 5.0 with PDO) or above
  • Mysql
  • Wildcard DNS
  • A domain name
  • Mod_rewrite

If you have questions about the recommended system requirements please feel free to contact us

Installation service

For 30 euro excl. Vat. we will install the script for you.